Top tourist destinations of Australia

When trying to decide what to do or see in Australia, you can be faced with many options. Let’s make it simpler for you and tell you about some of the best places in Australia. These places include the best of the best and the most famous and beautiful cities there.

1.    Sydney

Sydney is one of the iconic features of Australia which is one of the reasons of it being the capital city of South Wales. For those who come to Australia and not visit Sydney, they are missing out on a lot. There is plenty of things to see and do here apart from the famous attractions such as the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and Manly / Bondi beaches. The city is also host to the Tarongo Zoo where you can find some or other festival being held all year long.

melbourne2.    Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria is the second most populated city of Australia. The city is considered to be an important port as well as the national cultural capital. For travelers who appreciate the good life, Melbourne is an ideal place to visit for them. The city is known to be famous for its food, shopping, sports venues and fine dining.


great-barrier-reef3.    Great Barrier Reef

If you love water adventures, there’s no place better to visit than the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the top destinations for all the scuba divers and underwater explorers in the world that has the world’s largest barrier system. The Great Barrier Reef boasts around more than 2900 coral reefs and hundreds of cays and islands. The reef is now one of the most diverse ecosystems that one can find anywhere and is one of the best places to visit.

4.    Alice Springs

Alice Springs, a place that is comprised with boundless desert landscapes, charming history, gorges and remote communities’ making it an attraction for people to visit here. Most of the sources recommend 3 to 5 days to see Alice Springs but to really do justice to this place and to experience some of the real Australian outback you would really need to give it more time. The small town has a lot to offer.

5.    Perth

Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city and capital of the Western Australia. The city has isolated itself from other cities of Australia but has made its own unique position and character. The area has been inhabited for so many years but coming here gives you a fun loving attitude and a youthful atmosphere to this city.

6.    Adelaide

If you are into architecture, Adelaide is the place for you. This fifth largest city of Australia is bordered by many of the country’s famous wine regions. Historically, Adelaide is known as the city of churches as much of the architecture that you can find here is of retained from the era of colonials. So come here to get fascinated by the unique architecture offered by this incredible city.