Top Places to Visit in Denmark

There are more than 50.000 people of Danish ancestry living in Australia. Denmark is located almost opposite Australia if you look at the Earth. It is a place well wort visiting.

Denmark is famous for its lowest level of corruption in the world and national prosperity. But the country is also famous for its beautiful landscapes and amazing sights that many people from every corner of the world come to see. The tourists that go to Denmark get overwhelmed with the number of sights to see in a little amount of time. That is why we have combined a list of some of the best places in Denmark below, so you do not have the same trouble of deciding where to go and what to do.

Rold Skov

The Rold Forest has been the centre of many myths and ghost stories mainly because of the Troll Forest which has twisted and gnarled trees that are fascinating to see. There are also fresh water springs, the most in any Northern Europe country, old pine trees, and natural phenomena to keep you interested.

The Lake Highlands

The Lake Highlands have the largest forests and the largest river, Gudenåen, of Denmark. It has one of the most scenic landscapes in the country and many lakes. You can either take hiking or walking trips to explore the shoreline, and you can even take the cycling route.


Also called the “Moaning Bay”, has some of the best views in the North Jutland. You get to see the North Sea, the Ruberg Knot, and fabulous beaches. You can also go to the Fårup Sommerland which is a pretty big amusement park. You can hike or take a mountain bike through the scenic routes.


One of the world’s most important natural habitats for waterfowl is The Wadden Sea national park. It has around 30 islands with beautiful landscapes and views. If you are lucky, then you may also witness the incredible phenomena “Black Sun”. It is when a huge flock of starlings fly in dark patterns in the sky creating the “black sun”.


The tiny island of Anholt contains one of the biggest and important sanctuaries of seals in Europe. It is usually described to be like the desert because of the dunes and beaches. The landscape is soothing to the eye and will give you peace while looking at it.


The island may be small but contains a lot. It has caves, forests, rocky beaches, sandy beaches and much more. In the Northern part of the island, you get to see the stunning rock formations like the 22-meter-high Sanctuary Cliffs. The island has much to be explored and requires a trip of its own.

Lille Vildmose

The largest nature area of Denmark is Lille Vildmose. It has an area of about 7600 hectares and contains the largest population of red deer, wild boar etc. The area contains many lakes, bogs, and vast open areas. You will find many animals and rare vegetation in this natural reserve. It can be explored through vehicles, bicycles or on foot. It has one of the most varied landscapes in the country with beautiful sights of rare animals in the wild.

Getting around in Denmark by car

You probably won’t take your own car to Denmark from Australia. But if you rent a car you should remember to have a car insurance. Be sure to have a travel insurance too.

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