What to see in Sydney

SydneyIf you are looking for fun, adventure, and beauty, you will want to visit Sydney, Australia.  There is so much to see in do in Sydney that you will want to make it an extended
visit, for sure.  Established in 1788, Sydney is has the highest population in Australia and is the site of the first British colony there.  The city is surrounded by a multitude of parks and beaches.  It is also has a rich cultural arts history.  With it’s beautiful weather of between 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, it is a rich tourist destination and one you will definitely want to make plans to see.  With cheap airline tickets available now, it would make sense to make plans as soon as possible.

One of the most iconic sights to see in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. Designed by Danish architect, Jorn Utzon.  Situated in the famous Sydney Harbor, it is one of the most famous and recognizable performance venues in the world.  Home to Sydney’s Opera, Theater, Symphony, and Ballet companies, it plays host to over 1,500 performances per year.  It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You don’t want to miss this dynamic venue.

After you visit the Opera House, be sure to visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  The Bridge connects the Sydney Central Business District with the North Shore.  For the truly adventurous, you can participate in Bridge Climb.  This three-and-a-half hour experience gives people the opportunity to climb the eastern side of the bridge, climb over the summit, and descend the western side of the bridge.  Truly, this is a one-of-a-kind experience.

For those that want to relax with shopping, food, and drinks, you will want to visit The Rocks.  This suburb sits near the Sydney Harbour Bridge and includes many souvenir shops and historic pubs.  You can also partake of historical tours of The Rocks and enrich your knowledge of the history of Sydney.

No trip to Sydney would be complete, however, without visiting the Sydney Tower.  It is the second tallest free-standing structure in Australia and offers a breathtaking view from it’s observation tower 260m above sea level.

How to get to Sydney:


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